What’s Your Hiddenbrooke Home Worth in Today’s Market?

  • We offer a free Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) where we hand pick sold comps in the last 6 months and current active and pending comps of homes that match your homes square footage, number of beds and baths, location, lot size, year built, condition and amenities. These are the same attributes an appraiser would use in a home’s appraisal.
  • This is not an automated CMA that many agents are offering. We take the time to look at every comp and compare in real time attributes that match your home. After we select the homes used for the CMA we plot them on a scattergram trend line that will show you visually a range of value for your home.
  • We also offer a report that shows in great detail with photos of the homes used in our hand-picked CMA.

There are many reasons a home owner may want to know the current market value of the home: Property Tax, Estate Planning, Home Insurance, Curiosity. If you are thinking of selling your Hiddenbrooke home note that we offer professional and modern real estate marketing to sell your home for the highest and best offer.

Your CMA will include a Scattergram with a value range for your home.

Here are some examples of the information in your CMA.

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What’s My Home Worth March 2, 2014